ICT Solution

Information and Communication Technology Turnkey Solution

Information and Communications Technology, or ICT, is a tool that allows governments to delivery healthcare to its citizens with limited funding.



  • The telecommunication infrastructure envisaged by Obuntu Group will connect all warehouses, health facilities (i.e. hospitals, portable and mobile clinics) and the Ministry of Health.
  • The infrastructure will leverage the satellite technology to facilitate communication throughout the country including in remote and rural areas.
  • The rollout of the infrastructure will be done in compliance with the legislation and regulation.

Warehousing and Distribution Solution

  • The computerised Warehousing and Distribution system will enable an integrated management of stock at all warehouses and pharmacies within health facilities to ensure delivery of medications to the patients.
  • The system will also enable the timeous ordering of medications from the suppliers to ensure their availability at all times.

Health Facility Management System

  • The system will enable the operational management of all internal units of health facilities to ensure efficiency.
  • The system will monitor the movement of patients from one facility to another.
  • The system will enable the Ministry of Health to collect statistical information as and when required.

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